• LTD Branch / KG Additional Package

The notarisation, together with apostille and officially authorised

translation, are required for inclusion on the commercial register,

trade office and for presentation to banks.

Irish Limited Company & Co KG or Branch D-A.

Sample drafts and templates for:

 Limited Company registration.

 Limited Partnership agreement.

 Application to the commercial register.

 Resolution on the appointment of a Managing Director.

 Resolution on the complementary status of the Company.*

 Declaration of consent of the shareholders.*

 Resolution Complementary status of the Company.

*Only available for a new Limited Company with Model Articles


The General Partner (Vollhafter) in the German / Austrian KG

Please note that Company documentation is sent by standard post.

SIMPLE strongly recommend using an insured dispatch, which is just €15,00 and will cover the cost of reproducing the documents in the

event of loss.

Suitable for the foundation of a Limited & Co KG in Germany or Austria*.

* For the commercial register entry that is included with formation packages, the following applies:

The delivered documents are suitable for the commercial register entry in Germany and correspond to the regulations of §§ 13 HGB

and § 8 GmbHG… and are accepted by the majority of the German registration courts.

However, as the requirements can also partially depend on the individual District Judge or Judicial Officer, further documentation

may be requested for the entry.

Such additional documentation is not included in the service price, and will be charged separately. It is the sole responsibility of the

representatives of the Company to obtain information in advance regarding any specific requirements of the relevant registration court

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LTD Branch / KG Additional Package

  • 359.00 € *

  • * excluding VAT